The patches were created in Korea, from where new cosmetology products are constantly coming. At first, these were plasters with a fabric base, impregnated with the composition. The manufacturing technique does not allow useful substances to evaporate from the skin, as it happens with creams or gels. The tissue section creates micro-pressure on the skin, pushing the active ingredients into the cells of the epidermis. It is for this reason that the patches cannot be used constantly - even a little stress with regular use will have a bad effect on the skin condition. But even here the manufacturers do not stand still, releasing a series of patches with a cumulative effect, just designed for constant use. Cosmetologists believe that the optimal age for applying patches is a period of 25-45 years (before this, there are no problems, and after 45, powerful funds are needed).

The most popular are hydrogel-based gel patches. They adhere tightly to the skin, giving it all the nutrients. Liquid patches are , in fact, a gel with a non-dripping structure. As a rule, they are used as anti-stress or anti-aging remedies, as well as against under-eye circles. Melting patches are a novelty on the cosmetology market, they are not yet very common.

In the CosmoBest online store, you can find any patches from the leading manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics. Affordable price with constant quality guarantee an excellent effect from the first use and a pleasure from the purchase. You can order patches by phone or on the website, having previously selected a tool according to its direction of action:

·          Eliminate dark circles - patches act instantly, but for a short time. If you do not eliminate the root cause of dark spots under the eyes, then no remedy will help get rid of them. It is recommended to search among cosmetics from Belarus compositions with extracts of parsley and lemon, cucumber and arnica, with caffeine or fruit acids, pearl extract or lactic acid;

·          Morning swelling is associated with problems with the removal of water by the body. Patch for bags under the eyes should contain drainage components: hyaluronic acid, aloe, ginkgo biloba, escin, green or white tea;

·          Wrinkles can be nourished with collagen patches. They contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, caffeine, snail mucin, collagen. Such funds have a cumulative effect, so they can be used regularly;

Choosing patches in the CosmoBest online store, you can be pleasantly surprised at their cost, quality, multidirectional action. You can buy moisturizing, smoothing, nourishing or draining patches on the website or by phone. The company's operators will offer a convenient delivery option to Minsk, throughout the Republic of Belarus, to the Russian Federation or any other country.

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