Tanning in the sun, everyone gets not only a darkening of the skin tone, but also the much-needed vitamin D for health. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause burns and photoaging, so you need to have protective equipment in your arsenal.

Sunscreens do not interfere with getting a beautiful tan - they make it healthy by reducing UV exposure and moisturizing the skin. There are also formulations for an accelerated tanning of a golden hue. To choose the right product, you need not only to know its protective properties ( SPF level), but also the texture with the ingredients. Synthetic sun supplements clog the skin and cause acne.

SPF on the package means the proportion of ultraviolet radiation that affects the skin. Sunscreens create a reflective film on the skin, so the cream needs to be applied evenly and constantly renewed. When choosing a sunscreen, you need to focus on the estimated time spent in the sun. If this time is up to an hour, then you need a product with SPF 15, if longer - SPF 30, light-skinned - SPF 50. The vitamins included in the composition restore the skin and nourish it. After each bathing, you must reapply the cream.

On sale there are compositions of autobronzants (self-tanners) - to obtain tanned skin of a golden hue. Before using it, it is recommended to peel to cleanse the skin and smooth its surface. The consistency of self-tanners is quite liquid, which is made for ease of application. Auto bronzers are produced in the form of mousses, creams and milk. For the face, choose a softer composition with a special mark. Milk in the form of a spray is the most demanded form of the product; wipes impregnated with the composition (bronzer) are also gaining popularity.

After exposure to the sun, the skin must be additionally moisturized to help it maintain a healthy appearance. and a beautiful shade. This can be done with the help of after-sun products - special formulations nourish the skin, soothe and soften, eliminating flaking, which can spoil the beauty of the skin. They are released in the form of balms, sprays, milk or gel. Sometimes on sale there is an after-sun oil, which has a thick consistency and a dense structure.

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