The face is not only a woman's business card, but also an indicator of her attitude towards herself. It is here that the thinnest skin is located, which is exposed to stress every day: the sun, wind, temperature changes. Stress levels, diet, or illness can also affect your skin condition. Cosmetics used by many women almost daily also affect the epidermis, so it is important to use only high quality products, both decorative and care products. In the wide assortment of the CosmoBest online store, you can find any means for basic facial skin care, as well as supplement them with patches, hydrophilic oils, masks and other formulations. The quality of Belarusian cosmetics is time-tested and confirmed by clinical trials; manufacturers provide certificates for all formulations.

If cosmetics for the face need to be selected taking into account the type of skin, then the list of rules for facial care is absolutely universal and should be used by every woman:

·         Wash your face after waking up and before falling asleep. The best option is boiled water at room temperature;

·         Wipe your face with an ice cube, it can be either water or a decoction of medicinal herbs;

·         Do not use soap - replace it with mousses, foams or hydrophilic oils;

·         Use products that contain hyaluronic acid, oils, urea and glycerin. All of these components retain moisture;

·         Periodically pamper the skin with patches, masks and serums for various parts of the face: eyelids, lips, T-zone;

·         Do not use scrubs often. Once a week is enough. You can replace them with sparing peeling rolls.

As regularly as brushing your teeth, three basic skin care steps should be applied: cleansing, toning, and deep hydration. It is pointless to hope to hide dermatological problems with cosmetics, it only masks defects, but does not eliminate the problem. If, for some reason, there is not enough time to look for products for facial skin care at every stage, then you can take advantage of complex offers from leading cosmetics manufacturers from Belarus - the set includes several products and sachets with different effects. On the website of the online store CosmoBest, at an inexpensive price, you can buy complexes for the face and hands, for mature skin, for dry and hypersensitive facial skin. Among the active ingredients are fruit acids, snail mucin, hyaluronic acid and much more.


You can order funds not only online, but also by phone, via e-mail or Whatsapp. The cost of funds and their availability will be suggested by the operators. There is delivery to Minsk or anywhere in the Republic of Belarus, in the cities of the Russian Federation or any country in the world.

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