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Scrubs and peels in facial skin care are necessary to remove dead cells of the epidermis and renew it. The result and method of application are different. Let's figure out how to choose the right product for skin renewal.

Scrubbing removes sebum by chemical or mechanical means. Solid particles in the composition of the product are responsible for this: artificial or natural (nut shells or seeds of berries and fruits). Peeling removes dead skin cells from the skin, prevents pigmentation and freckles, cleans dirt and grease. The active ingredient is fruit acid, which breaks down the bonds between skin cells and removes dead skin cells. Both peeling and scrubbing are quite aggressive towards the epidermis.

Peeling is recommended if there are acne and keratosis, post-acne, sebum plugs, loss of turgor, pigmentation, oily sheen and uneven skin.

Scrubbing is used when there is a dull complexion, comedones, flaky lips, enlarged or clogged pores.

It is forbidden to peel for sensitive skin, for a fresh tan or tattoo, for moles, papillomas, scratches or wounds, for herpes!

The CosmoBest online store has a large selection of face scrubs and peels from leading manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics. You can buy or order any of them directly on the website or by phone without leaving your home. Fast delivery of your purchase will allow you to immediately get acquainted with cosmetics from Belarus. To decide which product to buy, you need to know their advantages and disadvantages:

Scrubs speed up metabolism and remove excess fluid from the body. Due to microcirculation in the cells, the skin is renewed and becomes smoother, softer and more uniform. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting injury to the skin by abrasive particles, the development of inflammation, the danger of erasing the lipid layer of the skin, the likelihood of getting a pigment spot when leaving the procedure in the sun.

Peeling tightens and cleanses pores, improves facial relief, renews cells, heals acne. If you choose the wrong acid, then skin problems may appear. The peeling effect does not appear instantly, but over time. If the skin is very dark in color, there may be chapped light spots after exfoliation. Each procedure is accompanied by active reddening of the entire face.

After peeling, do not use ordinary cream, decorative cosmetics, and also touch the cleaned areas with your hands.

By following these simple rules when using quality cosmetics, you can make your skin radiant and healthy for a long time. Buying in the CosmoBest online store, goods can be received in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, in the Russian Federation or any country in the world.

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