Hair oils

Natural oil actively moisturizes hair, deeply penetrating into its structure, and also softens the scalp. This not only promotes hair growth, but also smoothness, strength and elasticity. All oils are applied along the length of the strands, paying special attention to the ends. You can use the oil for hair along with a shampoo, balm or conditioner, adding a couple of drops to their composition. In addition, homemade masks based on a fatty basis (sour cream or cream, yogurt) with a few drops of oils are very effective.

Essential oils have been popular since the days of ancient Rome, whose inhabitants extracted extracts from plants for treatment. The oils have a unique composition, due to which they not only moisturize and saturate the hair, but also smooth their surface, restore from the inside. With regular use, hair becomes firm, healthy, with a natural gloss.

The principle of operation of hair oils is extremely simple: a microfilm is created on the surface, which firmly holds moisture inside. Hot styling or blow-drying at maximum power destroys the protein in the hair structure. Active natural ingredients in oils can compensate for its lack. Oil is especially useful for colored hair - it protects them from drying out, preserves coloring pigments and gives a special shine.

When choosing oils for hair, you need to focus on the type of scalp: for oily hair, grape seed or almond oil is best, for dry hair - jojoba, macadamia, burdock or coconut, for normal hair - almond or argan. To make the strands stronger, it is recommended to add wheatgrass oil or olive oil to the care products. Coconut, olive and avocado oils penetrate deeper into the hair structure. The only useless oil is mineral oil, created in the process of oil refining.

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