Toners, lotions

There is no fundamental difference between tonics and lotions, they are similar in action and composition, so before buying it is enough to study the labeling with information about the purpose and composition. The main rule for any cosmetic product for face care is its compliance with the skin type and use according to the instructions.

Manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics, a wide range of which is presented in the CosmoBest online store, produce both tonics and lotions for face care. Their regular use allows you to narrow pores and eliminate minor blemishes, normalize sebum production and even out the relief.At the same time, it is believed that the lotion is a more universal remedy - it is cleansing the face of dirt, and makeup remover, and giving freshness to tired skin. The tonic has a narrower purpose due to the lower content of surfactants in the formula - the completion of facial cleansing after applying milk or foam for washing.

When choosing tonics and lotions in a series of cosmetics from Belarus, you should not adhere to strict rules and restrictions: any of these products will perfectly cleanse your face and give your skin health and freshness. They all have the following purposes:

  • Toning and cleansing the skin with alcohol and herbal extracts;
  • Nutrition and hydration thanks to water and useful ingredients (hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts, glycerin);
  • Calm irritation and redness;
  • Equalizing tone and lightening pigmentation;
  • Restoration of water-lipid balance;
  • Removal of dead particles of the epidermis due to various acids in the composition.

Cosmetologists recommend for sensitive and dry skin to choose formulations in which lactic and glycolic acid are indicated, and for combination and oily skin - look for salicylic acid in the list of ingredients. The price for toners and lotions for different skin types is the same and quite affordable, besides, there is always a profitable system of discounts.

There are two ways to use lotions and tonics for facial care: by soaking cotton pads with a solution or by spraying the product and then gently spreading it over the face with your fingers. Depending on the composition, the frequency of use may vary: cleansing and moisturizing compositions can be applied daily, while exfoliating products can be applied no more than a couple of times a week.

You can buy tonics and facial lotions directly on the store's website, as well as by phone. The company's managers will help you make a choice, clarify the cost and total purchase amount, tell you about current discounts and promotions. It is also possible to order fast delivery not only to Minsk and across the territory of the Republic of Belarus, but also to the Russian Federation and any other country in the world.

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