To protect the skin from the sun, it is not enough to use products with SPF - it is necessary to support it from the inside, taking special complexes with biologically active additives. Ultraviolet radiation becomes dangerous from the spring and continues until late autumn. Exposure to the sun's rays greatly ages the skin, leading to the loss of antioxidants in its composition.

Before the start of the summer season, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of dead cells - for this you need peels (scrubs on a soft basis with the smallest abrasive particles) and intensive moisturizing (serums and creams with hyaluronic acid). You need to use sun protection not only on vacation, but also in urban areas - on the way to the store or to work.

Ultraviolet rays are divided into three types: A, B and C, while the very first one is most dangerous for the skin, A - it reduces the elasticity of collagen fibers. In the composition of sunscreens, the type of protection against radiation is always indicated, as well as the level of SPF (reflection of rays type A). Protection SPF 10 reliably protects from 90% A to ultraviolet rays, SPF 50 - 98%. The SPF index should be selected according to the skin phototype: for example, fair-skinned blondes of the European type should use SPF 50, and African and Asian dark-skinned representatives should use SPF 0 .. SPF 20.

Among the components in the composition of sunscreens, you can also find filters in the form of metal micropowders - when applied to the skin, they reflect the light of the sun and reduce the risk of burns. High-quality formulations necessarily contain hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin, thermal water to saturate the epidermis with useful elements, antioxidants vitamins E and C, panthenol for regeneration, oils and extracts from plants (aloe, chamomile, avocado).

Manufacturers produce a wide range of sunscreens in different forms: milk with a melting texture and a complex of oils, oils-sprays for the face and body, spray-veil (does not leave marks and streaks on the skin), as well as creams for children 0+ and adults.

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