Caring for a baby begins from the very birth. When the first tooth is cut through, you can already begin to carry out procedures for caring for it. For this, special rubber brushes have been developed. From one year of age, brushes with rubber are replaced with soft bristles, and the child is taught to rinse his mouth. By the age of 3, all milk teeth erupt in children, which should be cleaned especially carefully, using special toothpastes that are safe for the fragile enamel of the emerging milk bite. smell.

Mandatory components in the composition of children's toothpaste:

ü   Abrasive substances - soda (bicarbonate) and chalk (calcium carbonate) aggressively clean off plaque from teeth, therefore it is necessary to choose silicon or titanium dioxide. The best option would be a gel with a minimum amount of abrasive particles;

ü   Fluoride - fluoride is absent in pastes for babies (up to 3 years old), since children often do not rinse their mouths, but swallow particles, the accumulation of which in the body leads to fluorosis. In some cases, the use of fluoride is allowed, but under the strict supervision of doctors. The rest of the pastes use calcium, which strengthens the enamel. Fluoride pastes can be used by children from 8-10 years old;

ü   Antiseptics - triclosan and metronidazole in the toothpaste eliminate bacteria in the children's oral cavity. Chlorhexidine is also used. Together with pathogenic microorganisms, beneficial bacteria are also eliminated, which violates the microflora. Therefore, it is better to choose pastes without antiseptic additives, except in cases of a child's illness with periodontal disease, periodontitis or gingivitis;

ü   Foaming - makes it easier to brush your teeth due to the abundant foam. The most commonly used sodium laureth or lauryl sulfates. It is recommended to choose sodium laureth sulfate in the composition, as its alternative causes allergies and dry mouth mucous membranes.

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