Intensive remedies

Not a single person is immune from troubles with the skin of the face, especially when it happens on the eve of an important meeting. How to provide first aid to the skin in such a situation? Use intensive face products with instant action. In the online store CosmoBest you can find any means for instant skin relief. What should be in a woman's SOS- cosmetic bag and how to use such means:

·          Sunburn - the skin hurts, there is beauty, after which peeling begins. Do not smear with sour cream so as not to infect. Better to use toners or moisturizers with an intense action - they soothe the epidermis and reduce inflammation. Tocopherol and aloe in the composition of the product reduce the temperature of the skin and repair damage.

·          Circles under the eyes from fatigue are common after a flight or a sleepless night. You can disguise them with decorative cosmetics, or you can use eyelids that contain reflective particles. Compositions for removing puffiness, tonics and moisturizers are also suitable. Markell Active Concentrates will eliminate under-eye circles and signs of fatigue. Tired skin is usually very dry, so nourishing masks and gels can help. Fillers from VITEX will fill in wrinkles and give your face a healthy and fresh look;

·          Emergency skin regeneration instantly moisturizes and relieves flaking and itching. This is especially important when chapped or sunburned. It is worth paying attention to cosmetics from Belarus, which have a lot of effective products. with hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts;

·          A pimple can pop up suddenly and in the most noticeable place. It can be hidden with concealer, but it is better to choose a product with salicylic acid and mineral pigments. It is worth stocking up on cleansing compounds and tonics with anti-inflammatory effects. In the assortment of Belarusian cosmetics there is an effective talker against acne VITEX;

·          Chapped lips - It is the lips that often suffer from bad weather due to thin skin. They need to be protected with creams with SPF filters and ceramides, honey and wax, fatty acids and active components for restoration;

You can buy or order any intensive facial treatment in the CosmoBest online store directly on the website, as well as via e-mail or Whatsapp messenger. Operators can assist in the selection of a product, clarify its price and availability, delivery cost. Transport companies will deliver the purchase to Minsk, throughout the Republic of Belarus, to the Russian Federation or anywhere in the world.

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Vitex acne talker

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