Intimate hygiene

Body care and daily hygiene can be carried out in any way: traditional soaps, gels and foams, sprays and mousses. But for intimate hygiene, you should not use these products, since their alkaline indicators have a detrimental effect on the microflora of the intimate zone. As a rule, buyers of intimate hygiene products are women, so most gels, foams and mousses for delicate care contain bactericidal components and lactic acid. There is also a series for men, which includes glycerin and light fragrances. Manufacturers of cosmetics from Belarus, whose products are presented in the assortment of the online store "CosmoBest", have developed special series for each category of buyers.

When using inappropriate products for the intimate area, some problems may appear: unpleasant odor, burning and itching, painful sensations, discharge. This is due to a violation of acidity and problems with microflora and in some cases can lead to serious illness. That is why it is so important to use special formulations for the hygiene of intimate areas. Before buying a product, you should pay attention to the label: it should indicate the presence of lactic acid in the composition, as well as an antiseptic that can fight harmful bacteria.

The most popular forms of intimate hygiene products:

  • Intimate soap has a different composition from the traditional one: lactic acid and components of plant origin against inflammation and dryness.
  • Gel for dry and sensitive skin. The emulsion does not contain soap, and the lactic acid account maintains the natural alkaline balance. Also, the composition may contain other plant components that have a healing effect and give the product a pleasant smell.
  • Mousse and foams are suitable for women with delicate skin. The texture of the foam is very light and instantly gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. The composition also contains lactic acid, and the bottle is equipped with a dispenser. Shake the solution to form a foam before use.
  • Intimate creams instantly moisturize the skin after swimming or bathing in hard water. The cream contains an antiseptic to maintain normal microflora.

It is recommended to purchase intimate hygiene products only in specialized stores. The online store "CosmoBest" is the official distributor of the largest manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics, therefore all products are of high quality and affordable cost. You can order any product by phone or on the company's website, by ordering delivery to Minsk, throughout the Republic of Belarus, to the Russian Federation or any other country.

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